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OLED is a type of technology by which the organic materials emit light under electronic field.It consists of PMOLED and AMOLED.Succeeding LCD,OLED is a new flat panel technology and is considered to be “dreamlike display technology”.OLED is very competitive in 3D display,flexible display and transparent display.

AMOLED ( Active Matrix Organic Light Emitting Diode) is a kind of display technology which deposite or integrate OLED pixels on the TFT array, and control the flow of each OLED pixel current through the TFT array,thereby determine the luminous intensity of each pixel. the OLED pixel is composed of the cathode layer, an organic light emitting layer and the anode layer, while the so-called TFT backplane comprises the TFT array and the substrate.

Comparison of PMOLED and AMOLED:




Comparison of AMLCD and AMOLED:



AMLCD=Back light + TFT backplane + LCD cell

AMOLED=TFTbackplane + OLED device