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Visionox developed a high-resolution 570 ppi pixel arrangement AMOLED technology


                                 Author:Visionox    Source:Visionox    Published:2014-4-16
Visionox recently developed a technology of AMOLED pixel arrangement. With it, a high resolution of 570ppi can be achieved. The technology has been completely validated on a 4.3 inch AMOLED display. Visionox is trying to apply this technology for product developments. It has been applied for both domestic and foreign patents.

Visionox has developed a new pixel arrangement technology, using the RGB sub-pixel arrangement structure, breaking the AMOLED technology limitation in terms of resolution. It can substantially increase a display resolution. And it can avoid the jagged edge display problem that is caused by a common sub-pixel arrangement technique. The technology has laid a solid foundation for mass production and application of AMOLED.